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Over the years we have heard the following comments from members about what it means to be members of White Lake Golf Club:

“Members of my family feel right at home here…”

“I can always get a tee time- most of the time I can just show up and get right out…”

“My wife was new to the game, and nervous about learning how to play- the staff put her right at ease, and made the whole golf experience fun for her. Now I can’t get her off the course…”

“The members are really friendly and welcoming to newcomers…”

“The course is always in beautiful shape…”

“Bill is a great teacher- never gives me more swing ideas than I can handle, and concentrates on improving what I can do, not on what I can’t do…”

“I like it because it’s a simple operation and very user friendly- the staff is always upbeat and eager to please…”

“It’s a great value- what my family gets for our dues is amazing…”

Because golf is all we do, our emphasis is on promoting the game, creating events our members will enjoy, and course maintenance. We are a family oriented club and encourage children of all ages to take up the game, or improve the game they have.

We have different membership options for you to choose from. Please take a look at find the one that fits your situation.

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