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Results Based Coaching

Now formulating teams of 4 likeminded, like ability and similar goals.  The program is a guaranteed results-based coaching or I will coach you for free until you meet the goal.

This program is a combination of on-course playing, on-range swing adjustments, mental toughness and fun on-course strategies.  The program starts with an on-course 9 hole playing assessment, then we lay out a plan for you to get the results you always desired out of your golf game.

If you are serious about finally getting the results you always wanted and having more fun on the golf course, give Bill a call / email and get signed up for your game assessment and your path to the best golf of your life.


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Private Coaching 

Bill coaches golfers to become more consistent ball strikers, how to hit more fairways and greens, and how to lower their scores. Bill will design a program to help you reach your goals with guaranteed results. Set up your private evaluation today. (231) 670-9334


K-Coach is a 3D wireless motion capture system. K-Coach uses 4 wireless sensors, located on your hips, shoulders, lead arm and golf glove to more effectively diagnose the true cause of accuracy and distance issues. When you move into desired positions set by your professional, the 3D animation turns green, while music plays in the background simultaneously to signify you are in the correct position. If you move outside of these desired settings, the animation will turn red and the music ceases, providing instant, real-time feedback so you can play better in less time.

K Motion Evaluation – Hit 5 shots each with a driver and a 6-iron then receive a report on:

  • Speed creation
  • Consistency
  • Swing characteristics
  • Sequencing
  • Tempo
  • Timing
  • Wrist angles
  • Body positions
  • Pro and peer comparisons

Group Coaching

There are special rates for groups of family or friends who want to learn the game. Each group lesson is for one hour, call for appointment. (231) 670-9334

  • 2 People
  • 3 People
  • 4 People
  • 5+ People

Corporate Clinic

Do you own or manage a corporation/business?
This program is designed to help your staff, be more efficient on the course and therefore being able to confidently play golf with your most important clients leading to more sales.
Contact Bill to set up a date and time.

Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

We all know how frustrating golf can be, but we also know how rewarding it is when we are ‘in the groove.’ Bill Borgman, our PGA professional, has a variety of teaching options that will help you get into the ‘zone’. Bill is also now a Titleist Performance Institute

Here is what golfers say about my coaching programs

"If you are serious about improving your golf game, this is how to do it--sign up for Bill's coaching program. Upon prodding from my wife (Katrina), I did this last year and it has made playing and even watching golf much more enjoyable. The approach of a 30-40 minute lesson every 7 days with time between to work on what was covered was most effective. It takes some commitment but was well worth it. I will be returning the favor this year by signing up Katrina for the same lessons. Talk to Bill about it --see if it might work for you."

Bruce Olson

"My lessons with Bill had a very positive impact on my game. With the use of video technology, Bill was able to analyze my swing to help develop a very targeted lesson each time I met with him. Each lesson that built upon previous skills that we had worked on and at the end of each lesson I was given 'homework' that I could do on my own to continue practicing. Bill's approach to teaching the game of golf is wonderful and I enjoyed every lesson that I had with him."

Randy Lindquist

“I knew it was going to take some work to break down my game and get free of some habits and movements that have plagued me in more sports than just golf. I wondered how a bulk package would work out, and it worked out very well. You are the perfect teacher, as far as I'm concerned. I'm happy with the results and will be back for more this summer.”

Dallas Dort

“My lessons with Bill went very well. He is a very skilled instructor and his expert use of the video was very revealing. He helped me isolate some bad habits that had accumulated over the years in my swing. He also gave me a tip on my putting which resulted in an immediate improvement. I would highly recommend him to golfers of any skill level.”

Daniel Harrington