In 1966 White Lake Golf Club celebrated its 50th year in existence.  With this celebration the first “History of White Lake Golf Club” book was created.  This first book of history covered the clubs existence between 1916-1966 and was created by historian and author, Phil VanDeventer.  In the prologue Mr. VanDeventer said the history was written “to celebrate our 50th anniversary, and bring to light a few facts which have a habit of disappearing in the past if allowed to go unrecorded too long.”

Phil was hopeful that on the 100th anniversary (2016) that someone would take the trouble to write the history of the club for the second 50 years.  Although the club has not reached this milestone yet, historian Bill Hartz wrote a book of history for the years 1966-1991 to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of White Lake Golf Club.  Mr. Hartz wrote this as an addendum to Phil VanDeventer’s 50th anniversary booklet, and helped share the many turns and excitement that occurred between 1966-1991.


Use the links below to see each of these special booklets.  We hope you enjoy looking at White Lake Golf Club’s history between 1916-1991.

White Lake Golf Club History 1916-1966

White Lake Golf Club History 1966-1991

White Lake Golf Club Celebrates 100 years!

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